Chavez battles for life

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has vowed to win his cancer battle in a surprise emotional speech in Caracas.
Returning home after surgery in Cuba, he told a crowd of thousands gathered outside the Miraflores presidential palace he still needed strict medical treatment.
His voiced was strained at times but his words were strong: "Let nobody think my presence here today, July 4, means that we have won," he said. "I swear that we will win the battle".
The 56-year-old will have to follow a strict regime of rest and recuperation and he told supporters that his medical treatment would also continue.

Chavez's return changes the political dynamics once again in Venezuela, where politicians on all sides had been bracing for a protracted months-long absence of the man who has dominated the OPEC member nation since taking power in 1999.
Some supporters wept as Chavez recounted details of his operation in Cuba. "Those days were not easy," he said.
The unpredictable, populist Chavez jetted in just in time for two days of celebrations of Venezuela's 200th anniversary of independence from Spain.
"He wanted to prevent the situation from unraveling," said analyst Michael Shifter. "The bicentennial was too compelling an occasion to miss. ... It was politically irresistible."
Before speaking from the balcony, Chavez waved a large Venezuelan flag and made the Christian sign of the cross.
With their "comandante" back on Venezuelan soil, elated supporters took to the streets of Caracas all day, chanting: "He's back! He's back!" and "Ooh! Aah! He's here to stay!"
Chavez's exact condition remains unclear though. He may still face lengthy treatment, throwing into question his ability to prepare for a 2012 re-election bid.
Chavez said his homecoming was "the start of the return," implying to some he may keep a low profile in Venezuela or even return to Cuba for further cycles of treatment.