Jon Hamm rumor

Jon  Hamm is up for the part in the new Chris Nolan version of Superman. How true can this rumor be? Chances are slim-to-none.

ThinkMcFlyThink recently reported that sources close to them let the site in on a little secret. Mad Men star Jon Hamm is being seriously considered for the role of Superman/Clark Kent. The 39 year old star has had a lot of success in his role on Mad Men as well as other films: Shrek Forever After, upcoming film The Town, The Day The Earth Stood Still, and Space Cowboys .

He may be a little bit older than the men who played the Man of Steel before him, but is that really a big deal? I think this guy looks pretty classy and I think he could pull off an already established Superman. We've seen the origin of this character enough times, and we've seen the younger version of him battle Lex Luthor numerous times now. Let's move forward into the future a little! 

The team working on this film is the same team that brought you Batman Begins and the Dark Knight, except this time, their roles are a little changed up. Christopher Nolan could be producing the film, David Goyer will be writing, and word around the internet rumor campfire is that Jonathon Nolan will be directing. No official news on that yet either. What do you guys think about Jon Hamm? Could he play the part of Superman if this were true?