Snoop Lion anti-gun

As lawmakers debate gun control legislation, Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) fires off his new song. On Wednesday (March 20) he dropped the single for his debut reggea album in which the one-time Gangster rapper calls for  all to lay down their guns.
The new song, “No Guns Allowed,” which features Drake, puffs up the non-violent spirit of Rastafarian
singers such as Bob Marley.
“If we were all were rich, we’d spend more time/ with our daughters and sons, they’re losing their minds,” snoop sings.
The chorus chimes in with the anti-gun message and the backing vocals of Snoop’s daughter, Cori B:
“No guns allowed in here tonight/ we’re gonna have a free for all no fight”
While the song is clearly anti-gun-toting, Drake offers a message that echoes the argument of the National Rifle Association–that people are dangerous, not guns.
“Bullets do not pick a victim/It’s the shooter that picks ‘em,” Drake raps.