Chef killed over meal

Chef killed over meal, Miki Nozawa, a 57-year-old Japanese chef, was killed this week after having an argument with two customers over a bowl of noodles. Nozawa, a supposed specialist in the world of Italian-
Japanese fusion, was cooking on the German island of Sylt when two unidentified customers began griping about the fried noodles and beef they'd been served. 
The local paper claims that the suspects, believed to be day-laborers, demanded their money back, while German gossip site Bild says that the two guys left without paying.
Tragically, the incident didn't end there. Nozawa later ran into the two men at a strip club that night, where the argument resumed.
After requesting money from the two men, the heated talk turned into a full-on fight, with Nozawa being savagely beaten and rushed to the hospital with brain injuries and internal bleeding. The chef died from his injuries in the hospital on Monday, while German authorities are still searching for the two assailants.