Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton , Back in the day before Kim Kardashian had a sex tape or a reality TV empire, she was just known as one of Paris Hilton's party pals.

Nowadays, it's a completely different story and it could be said that Kim has actually stolen the spotlight from the socialite.

In the years since Kim's rise to fame, there have been ongoing feud rumors, which were fueled by some of Paris' off-the-cuff comments about her former friend.

Ford tried to poke fun at the animosity between the two and had created an ad showing Paris Hilton driving a car with the Kardashians bound and gagged in the back.

Since the ad, Paris has said that she's still friends with the Kardashians and most recently, she complimented Kim in an interview with Hollywood Life, saying she thinks she's going to make a great mom.

"I've known [Kim] since she was a little girl and she always talked about finding the man of her dreams and having a family," she says. "And she's always wanted a baby, so I know she's going to make the best mom."

It's nice to see that these two have finally put their differences aside. After all, there is certainly room for more than one gorgeous socialite in Hollywood.