Woman singing whitney houston on plane

Woman singing whitney houston on plane, When we envision sonic terrorism, its more of a high-pitched squeal emitted by alien life forms in space trying to scramble our brains. But an airline recently kicked a woman off a plane for singing one of the world’s most cherished love songs–in a horrible, creepy out-of-tune pitch.A woman decided to freestyle karaoke to Dolly Parton’s/Whitney Houston‘s “I Will Always Love You” on a flight going from LAX to JFK. While we’ve heard worse on a plane, like all your kids, the plane was landed in Kansas City because according to the Kansas City Aviation Department the woman was “non-compliant with a federal air marshal and was restrained.”

The woman claims that she is diabetic and her low blood sugar made her start singing. The airline wasn’t having it, apparently: she wasn’t allowed back on another flight.

Considering low blood sugar has been known to create “temporary insanity,” did the airline royally screw up? They seemed to be instantly aware that something might happen later with this case; the stewardesses saved no time warning people no to take pictures on the plane.